Deyang four gen technology co., LTD(The original“Double four gen technology co., LTD”)Is located inState-level economic and technological development zone - Sichuan deyang high-tech development zone,Covers an area of 20 mu,With plants3000Square meters,Office premises1000Square meters,Fixed assets3000More than ten thousand yuan。Deyang is located in the beautiful and rich western sichuan plain,From chengdu50Many kilometers,Is located in(All)—DE(Yang)—Cotton(Yang)The central regions of the high and new technology industry area,The transportation is convenient,Industry developed。There is in China's largest heavy machinery manufacturer“China double group co., LTD”As well“Oriental steam turbine”、“Oriental motor”The three countries GuGanXing enterprises,Has been developed rapidly, and a large number of relevant supporting small and medium-sized enterprises,By the state identified as major technical equipment manufacturing base in China。


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